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We are expanding! A new building is under construction to house our new addition of a CNC (computer numeric control) machine. Customers will benefit from this expansion, especially those in food and beverage industries.

The Apex Router will cut, carve, machine and mill plastics and metals. CNC machines can create a variety of customized high quality parts at a very competitive price. Our professionals are trained to use various materials, including ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) polyethylene. 


Why work with UHMW? 

The high molecular weight of this industrial plastic enhances a number of important physical properties including: 

  • resistance to wear and impact
  • low coefficient of friction
  • superior strength  

In addition, the polymer does not absorb moisture and has high chemical resistance, which discourages growth of bacteria or fungus. UHMW’s abrasion, chemical and frictional resistance properties have led to increasing industrial applications. It is a material that meets FDA and USDA requirements for direct food contact, making it a safe and reliable fit for our customers in the food and beverage industries.

Major applications areas include:

  • food processing
  • package handling 
  • conveyor wear plates 
  • rider plates for assembly lines
  • idler rollers and guide rails for conveyors 
  • bottling and canning
  • machine guards and covers 
  • belt scrapers and more 

UHMW’s lubricity and ability to withstand heat-generated friction allows it to outperform steel in sliding applications. UHMW is the highest quality polyethylene available and provides efficient and noiseless operation. In combination with the ease of CNC machining, UHMW provides a cost-effective solution for your industry. For example, we can replace damaged OEM parts in minutes, rather than waiting for an original equipment manufacturer to ship a part internationally.

Coming soon

We will be able to custom cut UHMW using our CNC machine to fit your applications starting in June! Call us to find out how we can improve your efficiency and performance by solving problems like noise, wear of mating parts and other problems that can cause costly downtime.   

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Latest News