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Rosie the Riveter with Aluminum ThumStevenson Company remains comitted to education. We had a surprise guest at our shop who was studying for History Day.  Rose toured the shop, watched machines operate, and had an unusual request: Could we build an aluminum prop so she could demonstrate some of the work women did during World War II?  Our answer was an emphatic, "We can do it!"

Rose and her airplane wingRose and her airplane wingRosie gave a riveting presentation at History Day kickoff. During the presentation, she was familiar enough with the process that she could describe how an airplane wing is assembled. Rosie gave a riveting presentation at History Day kickoff. The student at Topeka Collegiate School showed the life of a female factory worker during World War II. Stevenson Company was happy to tour the shop with her during her research of engineering and machinery. The crew fabricated a replica airplane wing from aluminum so Rosie could demonstrate assembly. We all wish her well at regional competition. The finals will be in Washington, D.C. beginning June 14th. Good luck, Rosie!