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CNC Router Services

Our CNC router machine and dedicated technician save customers time, money, and hassle by sourcing and fabricating machine parts using plastics -- specifically UHMW (ultra-high molecular weight) plastic. 

Get your products to consumers faster

You can count on us for shorter lead times. We have a reputation for fulfilling our promises and delivering parts faster. We guarantee next day production, then deliver to you directly. Get your custom plastic (UHMW) parts in a matter of days. 

UHMW is safe and strong

The high molecular weight of this industrial plastic enhances a number of important physical properties. UHMW works well for machine parts in various manufacturing industries because it has a high chemical and frictional resistance. It is sanitary, lightweight, cleanable, affordable and meets FDA and USDA requirements for direct food contact.

Our precise router will cut, carve, machine and mill high-density plastics and metals up to six inches thick to create a variety of high quality parts. It uses tight tolerances to create superior surface and edge quality, making it easier to procure mating parts and convert metal parts to plastic. 

Major applications include:

  • food processing
  • package handling 
  • conveyor wear plates 
  • rider plates for assembly lines
  • idler rollers and guide rails for conveyors 
  • bottling and canning
  • machine guards and covers 
  • belt scrapers and more 

In combination with the ease of machining, UHMW plastic provides a cost-effective solution for your industry.  

Watch our CNC router in action:

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