Stevenson Company, Inc. is a sheet metal expert specializing in the design and fabrication of stainless steel spiral chutes and other key components for manufacturers of food and fragile products. For over 60 years, Stevenson has built a reputation for engineering custom products to solve difficult manufacturing structural problems.

stainless steel spiral chutes by stevenson companyMaterials are customized and fitted precisely for the unique needs of your facility. Stevenson’s skilled craftsmen can work independently or in seamless coordination with your team. We can fabricate and ship worldwide to any location or work on your site. 

  • equipment design
  • fabrication (using customer designs or Stevenson designs)
  • installation of industrial equipment
  • site visit to ensure proper fit

Stevenson’s expertise extends to other manufacturing and architectural needs such as:

  • tanks, bins, hoppers, mixers
  • platforms, stairs, mezzanines, ladders
  • silos, equipment stands, conveyors
  • tumblers, hoods, ductwork
  • metal wall panels and roofing systems
  • flashing, gutters
  • carts, tables
  • stainless casework and countertops for labs and hospitals
  • architectural specialty