Joe P Holding AIPC TrophyThe American Italian Pasta Company (AIPC), a leading name in the pasta industry, has a long-standing tradition of producing high-quality pasta products. Beyond its commitment to culinary excellence, AIPC also acknowledges and celebrates the achievements of individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the pasta industry.

“Winning an AIPC award is a validation of excellence,” said Joe Pennington, president of Stevenson Company, Inc. “It serves as a mark of distinction, and fosters creativity and forward-thinking solutions, driving the pasta industry to embrace new technologies and approaches.”

Stevenson Company, Inc. is a manufacturer serving the food industry. Their flagship innovation is a spiral chute – think playground slipper slide, but miniaturized for macaroni – which gently conveys fragile product during processing and packaging.

“Consumers expect pasta to be intact and free from fractures or cracks,” Pennington said, touting the benefits of a spiral chute. “Consistently producing superior pasta products can enhance a brand's reputation and customer loyalty. On the flip side, breakage can harm a brand's image and result in a loss of trust among consumers.”

The AIPC Awards cover various categories, showcasing excellence in pasta-making, marketing, innovation, and sustainability. They also bestow a lifetime achievement award.

“This is the world’s best trophy,” said Pennington, as he held aloft the shimmering silver-and-gold globe. “It is a testament to AIPC's commitment to excellence and innovation within the pasta industry, which benefits from heightened standards, increased innovation, and a brighter future.”

About Stevenson Company, Inc.

Since 1948, Stevenson Company has built a reputation for fabrication and installation of custom products to solve difficult manufacturing problems. The team of craftsmen have a specialty focus on stainless steel spiral chutes for makers of food products and pharmaceuticals. Stevenson Company supports producers by providing fabrication services for associated tanks, bins, and platforms. Innovation, craftsmanship and quality are its hallmarks.