Tegan RobinsonThe National Guard has been activated to help combat the coronavirus. They will build hospitals, deliver medical supplies, and augment local agencies during this national emergency. We have a favorite warrior here at Stevenson Company, and asked the Kansas Employer Support of the Guard and Reserves how we could express our encouragement during possible deployment. Here are some ideas brought up by civilian employers, coworkers, and guard members themselves.

 When a service member is called away for deployment, here are some ways civilian employers and coworkers can show their support:


  • Allow time off. By law, you are obligated to allow leave for training or deployment. By heart, you might consider an extra day for travel, preparation, or decompression.
  • Recognize them on Veteran’s Day. Take them to lunch, give them props at your Toolbox Talks or team meeting.
  • Differential Pay. Sometimes service members take a pay cut to execute their duty, creating a financial burden on them and their family. Times like these, this is a tough sell, but you can imagine how appreciative they would be for someone to make up the difference.
  • Keep in touch. You miss them. Tell them. You don’t have to get all sappy about it, but just touch base and let them know you’re thinking about them.
  • Extend health care benefits.
  • Hold their job. You can hire a temporary replacement, or the team can all pitch in to cover regular work duties. This makes the crew all the happier to see a healthy return!
  • Nominate your employee for a Patriot Award. Or make your own.
  • Rally around the family. You’re not the only one missing your warrior. Organize assistance to spouse and children while service members are deployed. Mowing grass, snow removal, maybe a day of respite so caregivers can get some me-time.
  • Sign a letter of support at your local Employer Support of the Guard and Reserves. They’ll even deliver.
  • Throw a Welcome Home party. Flags, streamers, pizza…The works!

These are just a few of the ways you can show your appreciation for your employee in the Reserve and National Guard. 

Greg Sims Joe P and Tegan